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Date: 29 Sep 2007 17:44:00
Title: Salamina

Following our night in Ormos Kalamaki we were really excited to be on our way to Salamina.  This was somewhere we had been talking about going to for years.  My friend Ruth lives there with her husband Ianny and they have built a house on the hill above a little bay.  We had spoken to Ruth on the phone and she told us that the name of it was Turkish Bay.  We couldn’t find it in the pilot book, (in fact the pilot book was quite dismissive of Salamina and we weren’t sure of what to expect) however our new plotter showed the bay quite clearly. As we got closer I was on the foredeck waving – even though I couldn’t see Ruth or Ianny! Suddenly Richard noticed a car coming round the hillside and saw two people get out. It was them!!! We hadn’t seen them for over 20 years since Juliet was a toddler! Madly waving we continued on into the bay and managed to anchor.  The description in the pilot book couldn’t have been further from the truth, the water certainly wasn’t brown and smelly but clear and blue!  We shot ashore in the dinghy and after much hugging and kissing we managed to all get back on the boat for a drink to celebrate.


 Ianny and Ruth


When we got ourselves a bit more organised (well something like that) we all went shore and drove up to Ianny and Ruth’s house where we met Peggy and the kittens.




 The kittens


Ianny and Ruth then insisted on taking us out for a meal at a restaurant belonging to a friend of theirs.  A wonderful meal! We wanted to take them out for a meal the following day but Ianny had a barbecue prepared and we ate in the shade of a pine tree in their back garden. It was really excellent! They have however promised that when we are settled in Turkey they will come and stay so we can return the favour.


 On the front patio



Unfortunately we weren’t able to stay more than a couple of nights as the weather forecast was for gales so following a quick tour of Salamina by car and a trip to the most yummy cakeshop we had to head back to the boat for an early start towards Poros where we knew we could find a sheltered bay.


Distance run 18.97nM  Cumulative total  3160.24nM

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