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Date: 28 Sep 2007 15:48:00
Title: Corinth Canal

We left Ormos Anemokambi on a beautifully still morning and set off intending to anchor for one more night before going through the canal.  It was absolutely stunning, the water was like a mirror. It might have not been the best weather for sailing but nevertheless it was beautiful. Anyhow a short time into our journey we decided that it would be best to take advantage of this calm weather to travel through the Corinth Canal so we changed direction and headed straight for the canal.


 On our way to the canal


 On our way in


When we arrived at the canal we had to wait around as there was a convoy of boats on its way through from the other end.  Eventually we were called forward and followed behind the boats in the picture. It is really pretty narrow and there is a current which can affect the passage.


 We’re really here!


There is a road bridge at both ends which is raised to allow the passage of boats.



 Canal control


As we entered the canal we cold see that the sides were crumbling somewhat and because of this it is closed one day a week for maintenance. It is one of the most expensive stretches of water in the world and in our case it cost €185! Bearing in mind it’s only about 3 miles long…


 Getting narrower…


 And narrower and higher



Finally we came out the other side and the road bridge there was lowered


The change in the weather from one side of the canal to the other was quite dramatic. It went from completely windless to blowing a hooley!  By the time we were through and had paid there wasn’t enough time to go all the way to Salamina before dark so we anchored in the bay immediately outside the canal.  It wasn’t the most delightful spot or indeed the most sheltered. The railway line and the motorway were both right by the shore and an oil refinery was right next door.  However we were able to spend a reasonably peaceful night.


Distance run 40.07nM   Cumulative total 3141.27nM

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