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Date: 27 Sep 2007 13:12:00
Title: Trizonia

Having spent two nights at anchor off Navpaktos we decided it was time to move on. However our first task was to fill up at least one camping gas cylinder.  The pilot book said that camping gas was available but it wasn’t such as easy task to find where it was sold but we got there in the end! By the time we had finished our shopping the wind had picked up and changed direction so we were more than a little wet returning to the boat in the dinghy. We set off promptly in the direction of a little island called Trizonia and needless to say the wind was on the nose.  We motorsailed to make best time and arrived in time for a late lunch. Trizonia is a very peaceful little place with a partially built marina which had plenty of space to moor but no facilities.


 The hills behind are on the mainland



One of the reasons we had chosen to go to Trizonia was because although the marina didn’t have any facilities there was supposed to be a “Yacht club” which amongst other things had wifi.  When we went to investigate we discovered that it was closed and we assumed that it was because it was getting late in the season but we discovered later that sadly the lady who ran it had died.


Distance run 17.23nM   Cumulatve total 3084.03nM



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