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Date: 25 Sep 2007 14:15:00
Title: Navpaktos

Next morning in Killini we were up bright and early to sail up to the Gulf of Patras. It was quite a long day but was made very memorable by sailing under the huge suspension bridge at Patras.




 It was quite enormous but we still felt uneasy sailing below it!


We had to radio the bridge control to ask for permission to travel underneath and we were then told which span to pass below.  This depended on what ships were also travelling up and down the gulf.

Once past the bridge we headed over to Navpaktos which is an absolutely amazing little medieval harbour.  The pilot book suggested that we would be able to moor inside the harbour but fortunately when we sailed past the entrance we realised that there was absolutely no chance of us managing to fit Akibbon inside.  We were able to anchor just outside the harbour and fortunately there was a little bit of shelter there as it was blowing quite hard – again!




 Navpaktos harbour


 Castle above Navpaktos


Distance run 41.75nM    Cumulative total  3066.80nM


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