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Date: 01 Sep 2007 15:25:00
Title: Mahon, Menorca

Having left Porto Cristo at 4.30 in the morning we set off in the pitch dark and had a gentle sail up to Menorca.  As we rounded the SE corner we started to sail through a rather shallow patch of water.  The colour was stunning – absolutely turquoise! However the wind strength increased dramatically and suddenly we had 25knots of wind plus a rather lumpy sea.  The wind continued to blow all the way up into Mahon harbour and was still very strong when we eventually tied up on a floating pontoon.  Mahon harbour is quite amazing, it is vast and busy with ferries and cruise ships toing and froing all the time.





There had just been a race for classic yachts and they were still tied up on the quay. They were absolutely amazing! We failed miserably however as we didn’t take the camera ashore the afternoon we arrived and sadly they had gone the following morning.


 Last of the classic yachts departing!


We really liked Mahon and would have liked to spend more time there but as time is marching on we really needed to get more miles under our belts.  We were able to get a partial internet connection so that we could get a weather forecast and we were able to talk on skype but couldn’t receive or send any emails – very frustrating!


Distance run 49.90nM  Cumulative total 2132.19nM


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