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Date: 30 Aug 2007 12:35:00
Title: Porto Colom

Having left Cala Mondrago it was just under 7 miles to Porto Colom, a large harbour with excellent shelter. The sea was somewhat rough (again) and the wind was on the nose (what a surprise) so we motored all the way and anchored by mid morning.  Even though it was quite sheltered it was still rather windy so we didn’t both want to leave the boat and go ashore and it wasn’t until the following morning that we both set off to do some shopping and see if we could find a current forecast.  Navtex around the Balearics is useless!


Once loaded up with supplies we stopped for lunch at an Italian restaurant on the quay and had the most yummy lunch – definitely to be recommended!


Distance run 6.81nM   Cumulative total 2073.71nM

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