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Date: 27 Aug 2007 19:55:00
Title: Santa Ponsa Mallorca

Having paid the extortionate bill in Santa Eulalia we set off bright and early for Mallorca.


 Very early but not so bright!


 Just leaving the marina


As the pictures show there was not much wind so we had to motor. We plodded up the coast and finally by mid afternoon we were able to sail.  In the meantime however, to our great excitement we spotted a whale.  Well there were three to be exact but only one was on display.  We first spotted a spray of water and then a large grey mound.  Sadly, just as we thought about getting the camera out it lifted its giant tail out of the water and disappeared. It was very exciting for us as we had never seen a whale before!


Finally after a long 9 hour sail we arrived off the coast of Mallorca. In view of the lack of space in marinas and the cost we went around to Santa Ponsa.  It is a large but sheltered anchorage west of Palma.


It was rather busy when we arrived but we managed to find a slot and tucked ourselves up just before 6 in the evening.




 These are two of the better views of Santa Ponsa which is actually quite touristy  but not as built up as some other parts of the island. We managed to find somewhere to have a reasonable lunch and a decent supermarket to top up the wine…


Distance run 52.91nM   Cumulative total  2026.30nM



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