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Date: 11 Aug 2007 19:15:00
Title: Ensenada de Rodalquilar


Having spent 3 days in Almerimar we were glad to move on and out of the marina as it was rather airless.  The excellent news is however that we now have a working fridge as we were able to purchase a replacement compressor.  We have also fitted a 12volt fan over our bed and bought another one to be fitted in the forecabin – when we can get in there!


We had a gentle sail along the coast to Ensenada de Rodalquilar which is a fairly boring bay – but at least it was sheltered. We were able to get our cruising chute up for the first time and were pleasantly surprised that it didn’t take too long to rig.


 Rather barren



We didn’t go ashore as our dinghy is definitely on its way out and needs pumping up before every use!


The following morning we got up quite early ready to go and the sea in the bay was quite still. We were able to see a ray (as in fish) swimming round investigating us until he noticed us standing on the bow watching him. We also had a tiny little bird land on the davits whilst we were sitting in the cockpit. This was obviously the place for wildlife as during the night I felt a fly land on me and I brushed it off and went back to sleep.  In the morning I found the “fly” which turned out to be a cicada!!! It was lying beside the bed.  It looked fairly dead but just to be on the safe side I put it in a plastic box to inspect later when the sun had come up.  This was definitely a good plan as it was obviously just sleeping and it was promptly given the order of the boot when it started to move.


 On our way out of the bay


Distance run 45.61nM   Cumulative total 1713.27nM



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