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Date: 13 Aug 2007 18:47:00
Title: Torrevieja

We were up bright and early and set off for Torrevieja.  The wind yet again was strong and the sea more than a little lumpy.  In fact it was breaking over the foredeck with great regularity causing a leak in the cabin – this is still from the chainplates which have not all been resealed.  In view of the leaks and the distance to Torrevieja we were in the process of selecting an alternative destination however as we went on the sea state eased and Richard was able to do a temporary repair to allow us to continue.


We continued our way eastwards to Cabo de Palos where we hung a left and started heading north (NORTH!!!!)


 Cabo de Palos


The coastline just at that point is very flat with a large lagoon which is almost enclosed.  It is a nature reserve as you can tell from the following picture.


 Nature reserve!


We finally reached Torrevieja and were able to anchor inside the harbour.  It is not the prettiest of places (understatement) so I struggled to find something to photograph.  The following is the best I could come up with. 




He is obviously very fit and mad as a hatter.  You can’t tell from the photo but he is in an exceeding narrow kayak which he paddled round and round and round and round the harbour.


We had intended to spend only one night in Torrevieja before heading off to Formentera however boats being boats… This time it was the bearing on the raw water pump which was worn out and was spraying seawater round the engine compartment. To cut a long story short we were able to have it replaced through a local chandlery (eventually) and in the meantime we were able to get into a new, partially built marina.  Additionally Richard was able to contact Ampair by phone and explain the problem.  The chap he spoke to was very helpful and was able to give precise instructions on how to resolve the problem.  The theory was straightforward but practice was quite hard work – however we now have a working generator which, as it is under guarantee Ampair will replace the part concerned at some future point.


Distance run 64.51nM   Cumulative total 1818.31nM




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