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Date: 21 Aug 2007 11:46:00
Title: Ibiza

Morning came in Formentera together with lots of dark cloud and a wind from the SW. In the distance on Ibiza we could see a line of water spouts in the gloom.  Not the most promising of days.  We left fairly rapidly together with a number of other boats and headed round the island to more suitable shelter.  We arrived in Ensenada del Cabrito and just as I was lowering the anchor the rain started.  There was no time to put wet weather gear on as the squall was very severe but our anchor held and I was totally saturated – sadly no picture! We weren’t entirely happy with the anchor but decided that as it hadn’t moved in the squall we would be fine for a while but nevertheless left the engine running.


We went below to look in the pilot book to make a decision on where to go and fortunately I popped my head out.  The wind had gone round 180˚ and the anchor had dragged – we were about a metre from a boat on a mooring. Exit sharp right together with more boats whose anchors had also dragged.  When the anchor was nearly up I could see the problem, very thick weed!  By the time we left the anchorage the clouds on Ibiza had passed by and so we headed across through large confused seas to take shelter in Cala Yondal.  It was a lovely bay with beautiful green hills and a deep blue sea.


  It was even bluer than this


It was still quite windy in the anchorage but the sea was flat and eventually the wind eased and we were able to go for a swim.  The only slight problem with this was that I was stung by a jelly fish.  There were rather a lot but in general no one seemed to be concerned, I was just unlucky.  I had read somewhere that the treatment for the sting was urine, however Richard refused to oblige!


Distance run 13.77nM   Cumulative total 1951.48nM

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