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Date: 06 Aug 2007 21:25:00
Title: Malaga

We finally left Gibraltar with the promise of a westerly wind to take us up the coast to Fuengirola or thereabouts.  We were glad to leave the humidity of the Rock after 4 nights there and waved goodbye to our neighbour John and his neighbours Joe and Kath.




We made our way out through the myriad of ships anchored in the bay.


 Phew that was close!


 Europa point


  Adios Gib


The sea was quite choppy and with the addition of large swell it created some large waves.  The swell was the first real test to see if we were still having the problems with the engine cooling or lack of … since Richard had clipped down the water pipe.  The bad news was there was still a problem.  Fortunately we had left enough time for Richard to wrestle with it and we finally made our way into an anchorage just off Malaga at nearly 8.30 in the evening.


 The best bit of Malaga


I went for a swim, which was really refreshing and luckily didn’t see the jellyfish until afterwards!


Distance run 66.76nM   Cumulative total 1590.28nM

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