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Date: 19 Jul 2007 13:00:00
Title: Vilamoura


Having spoken to someone in Lagos about the lack of wifi, they advised us that Vilamoura was a good place with a strong signal so off we set.


 The best view in Vilamoura


We arrived after a short sail and managed to squeeze into rather a narrow berth next to a rather larger Moody owned by a charming Portuguese chappie.

The first disappointment was that there was no internet at all of any strength, and the second was that although there were lots of boats they were mainly large motor cruisers and very few with occupants. The marina is in the middle of a tourist development and everything is geared towards that so after a quick look round we were off bright and early the next morning.


Distance run 19.94nM   Cumulative total 1337.80nM

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