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Date: 16 Jul 2007 14:35:00
Title: Portimao

Having stocked up in the supermarket in Lagos we set off for Portimão only a short sail along the coast.  We anchored just inside the two moles along with a number of other yachts and spent the afternoon relaxing – again!


 Where did they get the paint for the houses around the marina?


 Much prettier on the eastern side.


The afternoon and evening were rather windy but our new spade anchor didn’t budge.  However one other boat having dragged his anchor umpteen times over the afternoon finally gave up the ghost and headed off for the marina.


The following day we went round in the dinghy (having blown it up again) behind the castle-like building above and went ashore in the little village of Ferragudo.  The pilot book recommended the restaurants on the quay there where they cook the sardines outside. Very picturesque but very disappointing sardines!


 I somehow don’t think he passed his barbequing exam


Distance run 7.25nM   Cumulative total  1318.86nM

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