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Date: 13 Jul 2007 21:36:00
Title: Lagos - wifi at last!



We got up at 5am to get ready for a long sail down to Lagos. We left at 6:15 just after the sun rose and started to motor sail as there was not much wind. Before we had gone very far the fog rolled in and we spent the next 11 hours or so in very poor visibility.  The only bright point were the dolphins who paid us a visit, 3 the first time and then another 8.  They were amazing to watch.


We finally rounded Cape St Vincent, the most south westerly point of Europe – sadly we couldn’t see it hence no photos! However shortly after we came out of the fog and sailed along the coast in glorious sunshine.  We arrived in Lagos marina at 8pm and were glad to tie up and open a bottle of wine!


As we came into our berth we noticed a familiar boat opposite us, it was September Morn, another Moody 425.  We had gone to see her two years ago before she left on Rally Portugal and copied her idea for the bars that we had fitted on our aft deck. Wendy and Sandy had been heading for Malta but loved it so much here that they stayed and now run an English bookshop.


We spent a few days in Lagos and enjoyed the warmth and finally had a swim!


  There must be a way down?


  Sun at last!


 Ciao Lagos




Distance run 83.02nM   Cumulative total 1310.61nM

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