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Date: 26 Jul 2007 19:09:00
Title: Update from Cadiz

Yet again we are without marina internet and have reached the point that
when we get to Gibraltar we are going to replace our ancient laptop with
one that works and then we can take it to either a library where you have
free access or to an internet cafe.

We are currently in Rota which is in Cadiz Bay. It is wonderfully warmŽin
fact it was so hot yesterday that we have had to buy ourselves a fan.
We are using a library in the town here which is a lovely place and
hopefully if we get ourselves organised we will eventually have some
photos on the web.
From here we are going to Barbate and from there on to Gibraltar. However
that isnŽt the easiest of tasks as it can be very windy so we need to plan
our trip carefully. When we last looked Sunday or Monday seemed to be a
good time to go, But we shall have to keep checking.

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