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Date: 02 Jul 2007 18:30:00
Title: Povoa de Varzim

Having left Viana we set off for Povoa as we had been told by an English couple in Baiona that it was a good place to stay and that we could travel by metro from there into Porto. On initial sighting it looked a little like Manhattan…the pilot book did warn us of this.



 Well they were right about travelling into Porto but although the staff were really friendly the facilities were a little malodorous to say the least! The weather when we arrived was fine but by the morning it was looking decidedly gloomy. 



We packed our waterproofs and set off to tangle with the Portuguese rail system.  This was really excellent and remarkably cheap and after an initial confusion we made it into Porto.  It is a beautiful city and would have looked even better if it hadn’t started to rain!



 Nevertheless we managed to sample some of the local port and tried some of the tapas.



The port was excellent but I have to say the blood sausage and cod cakes were not quite in the same league.







24hr run 22.21nM   Cumulative total  990.17nM

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