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Date: 30 Jun 2007 18:10:00
Title: Viana do Castelo

Having spent several days recovering from our trip across Biscay, drying out cushions, mending the bilge pump, taking the water intake for the engine apart and of course sampling the local produce,  (how do they sell wine so cheaply?) we decided that in spite of the overcast day we would set off for Povoa de Varzim in Portugal.  The wind had dropped and so we motored out in the vain hope that once we were clear of Baiona bay it might possibly be in our favour.  No such luck! Bang on the nose! In view of this and the fact that we were getting steadily colder we stopped off at Viana do Castelo. This has a tiny marina, the entrance to which, had changed totally from the picture in the pilot book and there was a bridge across it. Fortunately there was someone on duty who spoke English (Portuguese is nothing like Spanish!!!) who opened the bridge and showed us where to go.

Viana is a beautiful little town still undergoing restoration and would be even lovelier if the sun shone! We just made it back to the boat after supper when it started to rain and it has continued on and off since then. The chap from the marina says they have not had a summer like this for 10years. Just our luck!






24hr run 34.82nM  Cumulative total  967.96nM

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