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Date: 26 Jun 2007 20:00:00
Title: Biscay Day 5

Arriving off the coast of Spain Richard decided that the time had come to remove a layer of clothes and shave.  He refused to have his photo taken beforehand!

We were able to drift down the coast and were thrilled to yet again see some dolphins and this time the improvement in the weather meant we could actually go on the foredeck to watch them.


As the afternoon wore on we reached the islands near Baiona which are a nature reserve.  The wind by this time had gone back to its usual howling gale and the seas had built up again.  We were both by this time more than a little shattered and were looking forward to tying up in Baiona.  Having turned the engine on to enter the bay we were more than a little dismayed to find that it was overheating!!! Sails were rapidly redeployed and we headed out to sea whilst Richard fiddled with the water pipes. After a somewhat nervewracking few minutes Richard managed to prime the pump and we were back in business.  Next task was to get into the marina, according to the pilot book it was a doddle – not in rough seas and strong winds it wasn’t.  We found it hard to locate the various buoys, but we got there in the end and secured in the marina by 7pm.


Final 8hrs run 43.80nM          Cumulative total 933.14nM


Biscay total distance 614.27nM

Passage time 4days 8hrs

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