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Date: 26 Jun 2007 12:00:00
Title: Biscay Day 4

Weather still cold but sunny! Pooey was removed from his bucket and tucked into a mushed up digestive biscuit – he didn’t like apple, banana or muesli! In view of his constant pooing we tried to return him to his bucket but he took the hint and flew off round the boat. After several laps he spotted a large ship some distance away and disappeared! Thank goodness! He never knew how close he came to being pigeon pie!


As dawn approached we were closing the Spanish coast and keeping inside the Finisterre traffic separation scheme and for the first time since leaving Falmouth the wind completely died on us. Eventually we gave in and put the engine on for a while until sufficient wind returned to allow us to sail again.


 Cape Finisterre


24hr distance run 153.91nM   Cumulative total 889.34nM

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