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Date: 25 Jun 2007 12:00:00
Title: Biscay Day 3

Day 3 dawned not a lot different than day 2, we were still sailing close hauled in very rough seas and no sign of the promised north westerlies!! Pooey was removed from his crate and had perked up enough to drink some water and eat a little bread. He also decided that having explored the cockpit the saloon was a much better bet and had to be forcibly ejected! We thought that he might like to move on but he was rather adamant that he was staying on board.  Eventually having been unable to supply him with a nappy and being rather fed up cleaning up after him every few minutes he was rehomed in a bucket, again with the towel on top.


As the day went on we noticed from our position that we were being pushed further into the Bay and that unless we did something about it we would never make it round Cape Finisterre. We tacked back out to sea and almost back in the direction from which we had come! After about two hours in that direction we noticed that FINALLY the wind was coming round to the north west – Hooray! We were able to make up our lost ground track and head directly for Baiona.


The highlight of the day however was the visitation that we had from about seven dolphins who spent quite some time swimming round us and through our bow wave!


24hr distance run 155.55nM   Cumulative total 735.43nM

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