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Date: 14 Jun 2007 09:40:00
Title: Off to Falmouth

Having spent two nights in Cawsand with a gale forecast we decided that we would head off to Falmouth as it would at least shorten our journey to Spain. We would have liked to have gone up the River Yealm but in view of the work still to do on the boat which would be made much easier with a mains connection and the promise of an internet connection for more in depth weather forecasts, Falmouth won.  We weighed anchor on a very grey and murky morning however as the day wore on we could see a hint of blue sky in the distance. In the end it was a beautiful sail and we arrived off Falmouth in beautiful sunshine.  Having surveyed the visitors pontoons in the main harbour where they were rafted up three deep we headed up to Mylor Yacht Harbour where we tied up at 5 o’clock.  Just as we were coming into our berth Richard heard the automatic bilge pump come on – something it never does and when he turned the engine off he could hear water flowing.  The main intake hose for the engine had fractured! It was very fortunate that it happened when it did. It has now been replaced.

We have also now managed to fit the freezer which Richard has been dreading for ages! It is excellent!

We cycled into Falmouth to have a look round and do some shopping.  It was only about 5 miles but rather hilly! We also managed to have our hair cut while we were there and so are looking less like hippies. 


At the moment a ridge of high pressure moving in on Friday will allow us finally to depart for Spain.  In which case the website will not be updated again until we arrive in Bayona providing we get an internet connection there!


Distance run 41.82nM Cumulative total 318.87nM


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