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Date: 25 May 2007 14:25:00
Title: Fowey

Having spent a wonderful relaxing day in Helford enjoying the hot sun it was a disappointment to wake to grey skies again! But of course it is England


In spite of the skies we had an excellent sail to Fowey, with flat seas we were again sailing at over 8knots for most of the time and having left at 8:55 we picked up a mooring by 13:25.


 Gloomy day in Fowey


We were a little disappointed with Fowey but perhaps that was because the sun wasn’t shining.  Nevertheless we had a good evening as Richard recognised some old friends Angela and Mark on their Oyster sailing into the river and we enjoyed catching up over a glass or two of wine!


Distance run 28.18 Cumulative total 247.49

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