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Date: 16 May 2007 21:31:00
Title: Penarth to Swansea

 Relaxing in Penarth


 The sun did shine sometimes!


After a week in Penarth the weather forecast was slightly improved so we made a break for Swansea leaving at 06:45.


 Early morning start


 Cardiff lock


 Penarth pier in the gloom


 The Bristol Channel lived up to its formidable reputation and was both windy and rough which meant that the trip was not the gentle sunny passage we would have liked!


 Beautiful sailing weather!


Nuff said, we finally tied up in Swansea at 15:30 and more jobs have now been completed and we hope to set off for Lundy Island on Sunday morning.


 Tucked up in Swansea


 Distance run 32.7nM. Cumulative total 52.9nM.

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