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Date: 20 May 2007 19:00:00
Title: Swansea to Lundy


 Getting ready to go



The weather finally improved enough to allow us to set off for Lundy Island at 07:30 and we were able to anchor by 14:54.  There were assorted boats already there but all departed bar one.  Was this telling us something?  Should we disbelieve the forecast? 


 Sunny afternoon in Lundy



We went ashore in the beautiful late afternoon sunshine and climbed up the steep slope to have a drink in the pub. Whilst there Richard received a text message only to be fined a £1 as it was an island rule that phones were outlawed!!!


 Skipper contemplating jumping ship?


Once back on the boat the wind started to pick up and instead of following the direction forecast – NW, it decided that to come from the NE.  It was rather a roly-poly night to say the least and the skipper spent most of the night in the cockpit watching waves breaking over the bows.  Even the chief cook and bottle washer who normally sleeps through anything was kept awake!


Distance run 32.27nM. Cumulative total 85.17nM

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