Water Music Progress update

Fri 6 Sep 2013 17:14
Position 42:44.7n 18:22.9w
Be careful what you wish for.  Shortly after getting concerned that we were never going to find any wind, it arrived.
At the outset it was a small black cloud on the horizon on wednesday night after dinner.  Within about 10 minutes it had blown into a steady 30 knots over the deck and gusting rather more from the ENE – straight where we were heading.  Presumably because of the speed of its arrival it was accompanied by a steep, short sharp and confused sea.  We managed to get the main reefed down in short order and continued on our way – now heading about 20 degrees South of our preferred course to Spain.  Thankfully we were North of the Rhumb line – but didnt want to give us the distance we had gained too easily.
There followed an uncomfortable and very wet night.  There is no moon and we had full cloud cover anyway – so not even anything to report.  Given the conditions we doubled up on watch and so, at the end of the night, everyone was feeling a little tired.  Yesterday was a little quieter – but still 25-30 knots of wind all day – but now on a fetch as opposed to having to beat into it.
Last night was calmer again and we were able to revert to one on watch at any one time & today we even saw some sunshine.
Current conditions are a lot more gentle.  We have about 20 knots of wind, from about 50 degrees off the bow.  That means we are sailing at about 8 knots and staying mostly dry- shipping the occasional greenie straight back into the cockpit!  Have also discovered that the clothes locker in Andy & Alistair’s cabin is leaking – so all their clothes are wet.  Not much opportunity to change them & we are hardly going out for dinner.....
If we keep current progress up we should be in sight of Cabo Finisterre on Sunday night and arrive at our destination in the Ria Muros early on Monday morning.
Eating well, no fish yet & may be reverting to hard tack soon....