Watermusic - Day 15

Mon 27 May 2013 20:35
Position: 37:37.9N 36:19.6W
Much of today seems to have passed me by as, unlike yesterday when I seemed to be on deck alone rather a lot, I was a late sleeper and took the opportunity to doze most of the afternoon away in the saloon to boot.  Having devoured a full book the previous day I have barely read a line since last evening.  What little there is to report is as follows:  There has been a full sky of clouds for the entire day, a sea temperature of 70 degrees and an ocean unwilling to give up any fish while plucking a lure about every 24 hours.  The last lure went at about 10pm last night when Stephen was inexplicably fishing to a fairly full but waxing moon.  Has he landed something the ensuing chaos would have been worth a 250 word blog all on its own.  The sea is a bit lumpy with short channel style waves although they are small enough not to be be particularly uncomfortable.  We made great progress for much of the morning heading directly for Horta and achieving 6 to 7 knots at times.  However, the wind is now almost in the East which is making us a little slow over the ground and inclined to look at the log rather too often.  Still, we now have about 380 miles to go which is starting to look as if it is a few days away and we have started to discuss what we should paint on the harbour wall, a tradition in the Azores, and apparently the previous Watermusic trans-Atlantic expeditions have twice left the boat name there.
Soup and sandwiches for lunch, a retro fix of Santana on the iPod and a night of moonless watches ahead contemplating the big issues with a weather eye on the trim.
David, Simon & Stephen