we are on our way

Wed 15 May 2013 20:48
Current Position: 17:43.24N; 61:22.54W
We are now finally on our way having left Antigua at 1000 this morning. We met up with Sarah & Grace yesterday for a last glass of wine/ lunch before they left for their respective flights back to UK, leaving us to dinner in the Admirals Inn. Antigua is very quiet and feels like all the boats have left for the summer.
This morning we had a last “full english” for breakfast and fuelled up the tanks and extra cans before setting sail. A short beat to clear Green Island then saw us on our way and we are now on a close reach in about 18k of wind and, so far, are doing about 7.5 kn with a slab in the main and one reef in the genoa. Rig feels very comfortable – but it is very hot below.
Our route back to Azores will take us NE for about 550 miles, then ENE for a further 360 miles and finally E by N for 1300 miles. Weather this morning suggests we will have this for a few days yet – not sure what happens after that.
Simon has just baked his first cake. it looks great, but he has now realised that you cant turn the cake whilst it cooks. That means it is about 4 inches tall on one side and about half an inch on the other. Sure it will be delicious.
Until next time...
A happy crew of David, Simon & Stephen