All heeled over!

Wed 5 Dec 2012 18:49
Boat position 19.40.113N 036.20.730  daily run 171
The cook is getting fed with this angle and the bouncing around – the cabin sole is really slippy as we keep spilling things and even though it has been washed we all keep skidding around!  it’s really difficult to get supper into our little rough weather bowls!  The boys are all pretty happy as we are now on a broad reach doing 7/8 knots over a sparkling sea with the main up with Stephen’s double shackle thing holding the boom in place, we’ve logged 50 miles in the last 6 hours and if we can keep this up until tomorrow am we’ll have done 200 miles and broken our record!.  Lots of flying fish (although Grace keeps missing them) they look so funny when they all fly along in a gang – Grace also quite relieved not to have seen yesterdays whale!  We are doing a more southerly route as we can see a few windless patches which we are hoping we will avoid on this route – not really taking us out of our way as we are probably more level with the British Virgin Islands at the moment.  Nice to have got passed the half way mark – not as warm as we had expected and full oilskins still required at night.  Our clothes are now all pretty salty and pretty much stand up on their own!  We’ve used up one water tank today with everyone having a very brief shower today, we are being quite careful with the water washing up is done first in sea water and then rinsed.  We’ve had two very good meals with our dorado fish – first plainly grilled in the oven by Mr Sherston , and then last night green thai dorado fish – all very good.  About an hour ago we caught another large one but sadly this one got away from the scoop deck, then obviously an enormous fish was attracted by our lure but unfortunately for us he managed to escape with the lure attached, so it’s roast chicken after all tonight!