Thu 9 May 2013 22:07
Well today started well.  The new engine went in very snugly at about 1000 this morning.  At about 1200 it came out again as it doesnt quite fit!  So back to the workshop to do some more mods to the oil sump to create enough space underneath it for the prop shaft.  They are coming back tomorrow (after 2 days of bank holidays – which they have worked straight through) to fit again and hopefully complete the installation so we can get away on Saturday morning.
The rest of the day we seem to have gone from one encounter with armed officers to another.  To start with we had 5 customs officials coming on board the boat (I think looking for guns) and they searched the boat whist we had the engineers on board.  It all got rather hot and crowded.
Then on the way back from swimming this afternoon (it is not all 100% hard work), we were pulled over by the Gendarmerie – along with virtually every other car on the road.  Once they realised it was a hire car, they quickly lost interest.
Hopefully our last night in the pension tonight.....