Day 2

Tue 14 May 2013 22:10
Current Position: 20.32.24N; 60.16.99W
Here we are after our first full day at sea on the main voyage.  The new engine is behaving well and charging our house power efficiently with its big new alternator – Stephen is happy after 6 months wrestling with draw, batteries etc..  The forward and centre hatches have stopped leaking after some judicious alteration which is making the going more comfortable still.  We are still in the trades and fairly close on a NNW heading.  The wind has settled slightly having touched 22 knots apparent for a spell, so at 15 to 18 knots we are maintaining the same speed and can wash up in the sink instead of a bucket on deck.  2 slabs in the main and 7 knots over the ground and we covered around 178nm in the first 24 hours including our way out and around Antigua.  It’s still predictably hot although the temperature seems to have dropped a couple of degrees which suits us all for now, especially below decks.  Lots of stories being told all around in between attempts at sleep.  It looks like we will have another relatively clear and starry night in the tropics.
David, Simon & Stephen