Arrived, Marin Martinique

Sun 16 Dec 2012 19:47
Full details to follow but we arrived at Port Marin at 0900 our time this morning to realise that local time was 0700 – so not much happening.
It is hot and slightly humid here at the moment and with promise of more rain to follow in due course.
We had a final rain squall came through at about 0300 this morning but fortunately it cleared before we had to negotiate the narrow channel up to the marina.  After a long voyage and another slightly damp night, we needed to concentrate to make sure that we left the Green channel markers on the port side and not, as we would normally, on the starboard side.
More to come, but out for dinner tonight.  Crew all well and happy and we will leave here tomorrow with (hopefully) new guard rails and runners to go to Marigot bay in St Lucia.
Thanks to so many of you for your encouraging e mails over the last few weeks.  Great to know we weren’t completely alone....