Day 9 Position 15:03.25N 30:26.19W

Mon 1 Dec 2008 12:03
Great Fishing day ! Three Dorades in one cast - two of which were on Calums line at the same time. They were swiftly gutted and sent to the Kitchen - 1/2 to freezer and the other 1/2 to frying pan with a squeeze of lemon - green salad and rice. We cannot describe how delicious they are and also they are such a handsome fish - the colours are straight from Neptunes paint box!
We are now getting the hang of fishing out in the mid Atlantic and can now predict a catch - so rods are left out on a "are we hungry ? basis" We still want to catch a Tuna - and this one, for the moment remains elusive to us.
Most of the day was taken up with Yahtzee (dice game) and fishing. Calum was "Mother" again and served splendid dishes all day - and kept a tidy ship. The "Motherwatch" excuses you from formal watches - no night duty for example ,and so this means that you get a full night rest to recover. However the "Mother" is responsible for all domestic duties - cooking and cleaning.
Night sailing is getting a little boring - absolutely nothing happens and it is very, very dark - The moon rises at 6am - and it doesn`t get light until 8am UTC.
We are now 30 degrees West and so will put our local clock back another hour tonight. We shall then be UTC -2hrs
Peter made Bread during the night watch - ( he became Mother at 8pm for the next 24hrs ) which was ready for serving for the morning Breakfast. We voted it a success.
It is now very hot.. phew.. air temp is 29 degrees and sea is 31.6 degrees - right now there is very little wind - Eastery 8 knots and we are wallowing around - we are all sweaty and probably all a bit smelly! (wish you were here?) Except Katherine who has taken her turn to shower off the back of the boat - a popular and luxuious activity in this heat!
Days run a slow 164 miles ... we need more wind ...
But spirits are high... sorry if the last few blogs came all at once - but we have had a few Satellitte connection technical problems - which Peter has now solved. (What a techo-wizzard he is!) Apparently we needed to log off the AORE (East Atlantic) and reconnect to AORW (West Atlantic)..

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