The Gatun Locks

SY Ghost
Tim and Clare Hagon
Sun 26 Jan 2014 20:58
The locks that start the Panama canal are an amazing sight. We took a tour there this morning to check them out so that we have some idea of what we're in for on Tuesday. All the yachts will go into the locks rafted together in "nests" of three. Ghost is an outside boat so we will be motoring slowly forward along with the other outside boat on the other side. Between us we will have a big catamaran.

The lines to hold us steady as we go through the locks have to be 125 feet long, with the crews of the boats easing and tightening them as the water swirls around us.

Tomorrow is the last day of provisioning whilst we are on a dock, so beer and water and other bulky stuff are being brought down during the afternoon. The next official dock we'll be on will be in Tahiti.