Thuesday, May 20th

Wed 21 May 2014 03:43
36:49.914 N - 76:17.764 W
Hi Folks,
Yesterday we cleaned the hull and fitted the new windmeter. Piet spend some time on higher grounds and got back tired but satisfied. Things are going the right way.
We filled our tank and some Jerry Cans with about 500 liters of diesel. Batteries are fully loaded!
Today we took care of the food and drink supplies. There is little chance we starve to death on our way to the Azores...
Wednesday we will probably make some sea trials, just to make sure everything is working well on board.
Departure is set to Thursday May 22 but we seem to be hit by thunderstorms which will probably delay us for half a day or more.
From Guus, Piet en myself, it's goodbye for now!