Blog Monday 7 November

Baby Blue
Baby Blue Holdings
Mon 7 Nov 2016 19:03
25 27.57 N  017.30.57 W

Hi All - First full day at sea and we have been under sail most of the day….big parasailor was tried out (see picture) but now as evening falls and I am on watch, we are under white sails.
No luck with fishing yet either but hopefully tomorrow?
Although we are ‘not racing’ everyone is very happy that we are near the front of the crowd.
Andy P hasn’t dropped anything overboard today - Andy S surprisingly calm considering the fact that he nearly had to go to the top of the mast to untangle the parasailor.
Dave did a great dinner tonight though we are desperately searching for the Soreen Malt Loaf - convinced that Glenda hid it for week 3!
All for now as we enjoy a nice evening - hope it stays that way!