Sunday Blog

Baby Blue
Baby Blue Holdings
Sun 27 Nov 2016 16:58
Sunday is washing day -again!
Clothes pegs are at a premium as is the wind - basically none available of either.
We are now about 500 miles away from the finish and forecast is for a bit more wind - always tomorrow and at a place where we aren’t?
Spent some time on maintenance and spotted a different kind of sea bird that flew around the boat three times then headed west towards land - almost biblical!
The ARC news came through a few days ago telling the tale of one of the ARC boats sinking a few days after the rally started.
All got away safely but the yacht “Noah” was lost.
Watch change today - I am with Miguel now for the next 2 -3 days - we might be in by then.
Its too hot below decks and too hot above decks - all hatches open for a bit of ventilation - I think we are still 3rd or 4th in our group.
Zander and Josh set up the GoPro on a pole so Baby Blue could take some more selfies and speaking of photos - here is one of the Marlin that got away and a fish eye view.