Baby Blue Raining Blog - 24 November

Baby Blue
Baby Blue Holdings
Thu 24 Nov 2016 14:52
Hi All
Yesterday was a day of many events….loafed around in the bow, flushed all the toilets with sea water, passed the half way mark (to great celebrations), we caught and ate a decent sized tuna, we had a beer to celebrate and we refilled the port fuel tank - getting into a routine now.

Running short of vegetables - having to eat the moss off the deck to sustain ourselves —— not true but we are running short of pate and water biscuits.

We are getting ready for the Big Party tomorrow to celebrate Josh’s birthday - cake, beer, party poppers, dancing girls??

More about the huge Marlin following our boat in tomorrows’ blog!

Also - how we repaired the parasailor!

All for now