Baby Blue blog Tuesday 22 November

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Tue 22 Nov 2016 13:14
Hi All
Had a really nice day (still very little wind) but sea was calm enough to get the platform down and swim in 5000+m of water!
Sea was like a warm silk bath so we played for half an hour before setting off again.
The rest of the day was spent trying to get a balance between fuel economy, direction and sail trim with frequent checks of the grid files - I think we made a good compromise but can’t tell yet if its changed our position in the rally.
We have enough fuel to get us within 3 days of St Lucia if we economise and if the forecasts are right we will get a 8-10 knot wind if we keep a bit south of the original course (this has paid off bit this morning - we have 9 knots of wind and 6.6 knots SOG (speed over ground).
However, had to refuel from the bladder - extra weight helped the speedy transfer!
Beautiful evening watch (6-12 and then 3-6) with Zander and occasional visits from Andy S - who is looking and feeling a bit better today after Zanders prescribed dose of anti-biotics.
Venus was nearly as bright on the first watch as the crescent moon that came out on the second watch. No squalls - hooray!
No one in sight or on radar - Miguel will try again to fix the AIS today and check if we can improve the efficiency of the battery charger so as not to waste fuel with the generator.
My turn with Z to do dinner - needs to include onions, pasta, garlic and tinned something - keeping the meat for every other day - just around 12300 miles left and still have some cake left!
Nick Martini our official and very good photographer has sent these for your amusement!
All for now



All for now