Blog Baby Blue Thursday 10 November

Baby Blue
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Thu 10 Nov 2016 19:09
Hi All
Making good progress and all in good spirits though (no the drinking variety tonight!) but we did have d tot of rum last night - which is why the picture is a bit blurred!
Managed to catch a petrel bird on the fishing line but Andy released it unharmed! (See picture below)
Weather still grey and as it draws to dusk we are planning how to enter the port at Mindelo Cap Verde at around 0200 on Friday (in a few hours)
The racing boats in our class will probably start to catch up as they have lots of sails to spare but we decided not to use the parasailor in case it got damaged and if we can’t fix it in Cap Verde we would be very slow for the main run to St Lucia.
We are able to track the boats nearby on our AIS but can’t tell our overall position because the internet isn’t working.

Lots of talking and muttering on board about wind shifts grib weather files and tactics for when best to gybe…final decision was to have a cup of coffee and a biscuit and wait and see what the weather does...
We have had a problem with the freezer and the vacuum packed meals that Dave cooked are starting to thaw….transferred some to the fridge in cockpit and hope we can get a fridge guy in Mindelo?
Baby Blue is still rockin n rollin but we are getting more used to it every day - now we have to get our land legs back nd get the boat tidied up for the additional crew (Zander, Miguel and Josh) over the next few days