Blog Thursday 17 November at 17.01. 9 N 026.58.13 W

Baby Blue
Baby Blue Holdings
Thu 17 Nov 2016 11:40
Hi All
I started this blog at 05.20 this morning while Josh and I were on watch…..then I lost it so am having to start again!
We left Mindelo amongst great excitement with 77 boats jostling to be the first over the line to gain a few minutes…strange when we have e14 days ahead of us?
Baby Blue was in the few lead yachts, once again in battle with our rival Mariella (an Oyster 56).
The view behind as spectacular with loads of coloured sails and the jagged islands slipping away behind us as dusk fell (as did the wind).
During the night watches good lookout was vital because of the close proximity of the other boats but by dawn (around 0700) not one boat was in sight (though we could see them on the AIS.
This morning a few of the crew are suffering from Cap Verde foxtrot (they all had the chicken meal in the restaurant the night before we left)…they will be better soon but meanwhile my offer of toast for breakfast had a poor take up.
The parasailor is up after some muffled curses from skipper Andy and Andy P who had to untangle it but it is giving us around 6 knots still in very light winds.
Fishing kit is working away but no bites yet!
My next job is to sew a button on and fix a rip in my shorts - exciting stuff!
More later with maybe a few lines from Alexander and Josh (we wait and see if they step up to the plate!)