Baby Blue blog Sunday 13th November

Baby Blue
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Sun 13 Nov 2016 20:09
Hi All
Still in Cap Verde on this remembrance Sunday!
We all wore our poppies while hanging around (see photo) and then had lunch at an Italian restaurant (recommended by our neighbours on the yacht next door - but it did not meet the rigorous standards set by the crew - i.e the beer was in small bottles - un catastrophe! 
Incidentally, my crew appointed me as honorary admiral of the Cap Verde fleet (with hat!)

Discovered an interesting palm tree with an aerial on top (can you spot it?)

Spend the rest of the day fixing the genoa track, freezer, door catches, batteries and wiring stuff, etc….as Andy said “this going round the world is basically fixing your boat in 
exotic and expensive locations”.


We will aim for an early night as lots of work to do tomorrow to finish stuff off before the two remaining crew members show up and of course the city tour in the afternoon.
Lovely sunset too...


Danny BB