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Sat 26 Nov 2016 17:25
Hi All,

Managed to get the blog back from Zander (who generally sends it out quite late having been distracted by many other goings on - He and Josh are still asleep having been on the early dawn watch). Dave and I are on watch so as its quiet I am taking the opportunity to do the blog.

The weather has been one of extremes between very rainy squalls (not too much wind) and some lovely sailing winds - so all in all pretty good.

We changed the hour again to keep up with time zones but also to make sure we get our dinner while it is still daylight (though that doesn't always work due to things like having to change the gas bottle in the middle of Andy S’s famous chorizo and rice extravaganza - very tasty but so much of it that Magellan wasn’t able to eat all the left overs which is his main task at dinner!).

The days are passing quite quickly now with the 3/4 mark estimated for early Sunday morning and an arrival in St Lucia on Wednesday pm (provided we are smiled upon by the sea gods).

Checked the freezer out and gave it a good clean - enough frozen food and meat not to need any more eating fish or go vegetarian - and as we tidy up the food stores we keep discovering interesting items - still no sign of the Nespresso coffee - must ask where it has been hidden.

Plans to try the washing machine have been put on hold until we have to run the generator again - maybe this afternoon.

Andy S had to climb the boom to fix a sail car that had snapped off and I spent some time checking and adjusting the rigging for chafe and loose shackles - of which here were a few - amazing how they can undo themselves if not wired closed.

A few other jobs are on the list for St Lucia or Grenada (minor but necessary).

The boys haver been playing the guitar and singing on the foredeck (when dry) and the cabin when it started to rain - my hatch was left open so a wet mattress had to be dried out by evening.

Oh yes - and we hooked a marlin this morning! - after showing off his acrobatic ability with a spectacular show of leaps and pirouettes he spat the lure out and went off to find tastierr food.

More later….