Baby Blue blog Monday 21st November

Baby Blue
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Mon 21 Nov 2016 12:20
Hi All
Delayed blog because of heavy squalls all night - Zander and I planned to write the blog on our night watch (watch teams changed yesterday so now teams are Danny & Zander, Dave & Miguel (aka Magellan), Josh & Nick Martini and Andy (Tin Tin) skipper. I don’t know my nick name but its probably rude!
We ended up not doing the blog on our 12.00 to 0300 watch as we were a bit bog eyed!
The morning has broken sunny and clear so all hands to the washing - Baby Blue looks like a chinese laundry!
We would have been more efficient if we had more clothes pegs though and all kinds of underhand and ingenious tactics are being used to get our own washing dried while the sun shines.
Andy P strategy is to minimise his laundry by wearing the same clothes more or less permanently - no one recognised him when he appeared in grey shorts rather than the fluorescent pink ones he has been wearing since Las Palmas.
No one wants to wash the tea  and wash towels so it has fallen to me to do them - which i did along with my Baby Blue tea shirt - I also discovered that bleach is an effective way of getting an interesting ‘batik tie dye’ effect on blue fabric!
Zander and Josh have become the Grib experts (weather / wind forecasts) and we are destined now to drift aimlessly until the wind picks up - we blame PYD, (Andy skippers company) who have a reputation for getting the wind on the nose, or no wind at all, on all their jobs!
Throttled back to conserve fuel and congratulating ourselves on taking the extra 600 litre fuel bladder - ugly but welcome addition to the aft deck.
Yesterday was, as hoped, quarter way mark, though actually we have travelled well over half way since the start in Las Palmas and around 3,200 miles since we left San Remo in Italy.
Still no significant big fish!
As promised I have put some photos of the BB crew - alert, poised for action and ready for anything