Baby Blue Blog Wed 23 November

Baby Blue
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Wed 23 Nov 2016 13:24
Hi All
There was a sudden flurry of activity when we hooked a big fish (briefly) and the 80 pound line snapped! - still no fish.
We then topped up the fuel tank - each time needing more people to sit on the bladder.

Andy S was a lot better (see picture) and put in a claim for all the daily treats he missed when poorly - the claim was considered by the court (me) and dismissed on two technical legal counts - 1) Dave and Andy S had already eaten them 2) Dave and Andy S had already eaten them.
He consoled himself with some chocolate and turned down the last of the banana bread.

The lack of breeze problem has been solved by a brilliant brain wave which we have registered for patent protection already (see picture).

Please keep this an absolute secret for the moment as it is our secret weapon which has already resulted in us climbing up the ranks (note that the fan has two more settings to go!)

We will pass the half way mark sometime this evening so watch this space as it is apparently down hill from now (according to Dave M the official navigator and star sextant maestro posing with his Gold Award!)

After an beautiful evening which involved playing some songs on the guitar (uneventful) and teaching Nick Martini a few chords (very eventful and scared many sea creatures away) the day break was clear with a few fluffy clouds ….and still no damn breeze!

We have taken advantage of the engine and motorsailed for a few hours - making water for showers and washing clothes and generally tidying up the galley, heads etc.

The AIS which got bored and stopped working sprang to life in the middle of the night to confirm we are 10 miles ahead of Sea Mist (our Oyster 56 neighbour in Cap Verde)

All for now!