Baby Blue Blog Friday 25 November

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Fri 25 Nov 2016 19:47
Hi All,

Friday already and we are moving up the ranks because we have a nice 15 knot sailing wind - parasailor is out and we are averaging 8 knots!

Yesterday was also a good sailing day but with less breeze - nevertheless we are now less than 800 miles to the finish and hoping for good safe sailing the rest of the way.

I am going to try the washing machine today! Andy P claims it works at sea and is more economical with water…

The parasailor ripped slightly yesterday - caught on something at the front of the boat - quickly repaired by Andy S (Skipper) - I was expecting him to pitch up with one of our many sail maker’s leather palms, needle thread, twine, wax, etc. Instead he got out a roll of white sticky tape and stuck it together - disappointing, though it is holding together well at present.

Earlier in the day we got very hot and had a sea water shower using the hose from the anchor washing system at the bow (Dave declined the invitation!) - very refreshing especially after a quick wash with fresh water on the bathing platform.

Suddenly, there was a shout from Andy P “there's a Shark! No, it’s a Swordfish! No, it’s a Marlin!” - and indeed it was! He / she followed us about 3 metres behind the boat for half an hour, left us and then came back again for another half an hour!

Meantime, there was a flurry of activity to try and get a Marlin GoPro video by lashing the camera to a metal handle - sadly, got it working just in time for him to disappear - mind you we got some great underwater Baby Blue ‘selfies’ - some to follow in the next blog!

The highlight of the evening was Josh’s birthday party with menu comprising an Andy P special carbonara (a carbonara but not as we know it!) - desert was complete with a cake and candles - Josh was tasked with cutting the cake which he did with the surgical precision of a bulldozer! The mangled pieces of fruit cake had to be reformed by hand moulding to resemble a slice - tasted good when washed down with a half glass of red wine...

Until tomorrow!