Magic Moorea

Mon 15 Sep 2003 22:03
Every now and again you need to take a holiday from your holiday. A week with George's parents in Moorea broke the usual routine of boat life. We could not
asked for a more beautiful island to play tourists on. From the crystal clean waters of the lagoon to the jagged peaks Moorea was always a feast for eyes.
The church above is the oldest building in the South Pacific and since the days of Captain Cook, who anchored here, the Moorean lifestyle has been under
attack from European ways. Today the population are mixing the influences of their past to live what may appear from the outside to be the perfect island life.
                                        Coral reef meets French cuisine allowing visitors to indulge all senses. (sometimes at once)
  Life on shore is not that different from the boat except the beer is cold, the fresh water is hot and endless and there is so much room to move.