San Christobal

Fri 18 Jul 2003 20:06
Hugo Idrovo, famous Ecuadorian musician, who now lives on San Cristobal with his family is working to bring some world music and culture to this small island.
He gave up the fast life of the music world in Quito for the laid back pace of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.
Rafa Roman, a Spanish Graphic Designer, has just moved here to work for the Spanish governments development assistance program. Their projects have included building the interpretation centre and a new giant tortoise breeding sanctuary with the locally funded agencies.
  A Yellow Warbler                                                                                                                            The Marine Iguanas consume so much salt water when they feed                                                                                         that they are constantly sneezing a mist of salty snot (all over each other ) to excrete the excess salt.
The wildlife is as varied as the landscape                                                                                                    Next stop Santa Cruz (only 40 miles!)