Under way

Sun 11 May 2003 22:44
12 N 62 30 W
Today we pointed Avalon's bow west and set sail for Bonaire, 380 miles
towards Australia. The hardest part of any journey is leaving.
We had planned to go on Friday but everyone knows that this would doom the
whole trip.(sailors are a weird and superstitious bunch!) So Saturday looked
good with fair winds and clear skies, not to mention some great cricket
action on the tranny. Unfortunately we only got as far as St Georges before
running in to Ray and Jo. Heading over to say goodbye we were invited to
Jo's birthday lunch, we could hardly eat and run! So it was today, Sunday
11th May, that is marked in the log as the first official day of our
adventure towards the southern hemisphere.
This morning the radio reception of the test match faded along with our
view of Grenada, a country that holds for us many warm memories and good
friends. As mentioned Bonaire is the place currently plugged into Avalon's
many electronic gizmos, so we are just sitting back as our little ship takes
us there. So far it is all a new experience, not the sailing, the direction.
Having spent the last 3 years heading north and south across the ever
present trade winds we now have 'em up the bum! Running square in most
vessels is rolly, so we are rolling. To give your an example I won't
spellcheck the next line. Thid id bot nuch fin! The good news is that you
stay dry and everything is up right for a split second between the rolls!
The reward will be that in a couple of days we are going to drink rum with
our good friend Tom and catch up on his latest adventures.
We already have heaps to tell. After only 5 weeks of leaving the
Moorings we have had many interesting experiences.(Like it is unwise to be
sitting in a west Indian dentist chair, when you are Australian and they
have sharp things in your mouth, listening to Steve Waugh and the boys
demolishing the locals on home soil!!) Most of the stories will have to wait
until we next see you for a beer or 2. Until then we hope for what all
sailors want, to bloody well get there! (Love from Bec) and for nothing else
to break or leak! ( and George)

To see a map of our last reported position go to
http://www.pangolin.co.nz/yotreps and type in AVALON where it asks for a
boat identifier.
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