Big Blue

Fri 15 Aug 2003 03:51
Dear All,
We have been getting a little flak about the lack of information
appearing here. Well, all we can say is that we are waiting to give
everybody a well rounded and total account of the passage when we feel like
it is nearly over. Don't worry as you are only missing many glorious days
that blend into one another but don't produce the forward progress that we
had hoped for. In short, our world is one of blue. Sky, sea and moods as we
look at daily runs that have been getting less and less.
A few facts to keep the info junkies at bay.
Our current position is 07 57 south and 126 05 west of Greenwich.
We have sailed just under 2200 nautical miles and have 777 to go as I write
Our best days run was 170nm and our worst (so far!) was yesterday at 102.
We have been heading dead down wind with the sails poled out for more days
than I can remember.
The fresh fruit has all gone (except limes) and the vegies that are left are
a little flexible.
The fishing has been good, too good. Several days ago we landed a monster
Wahoo (4 ft plus) and its been fish for every meal ever since.
Until this morning, when we sighted a large fishing vessel, we had not seen
anything man made since leaving the Galapagos.
The Pacific is blue and very big.
Love to all, G+B

To see a chart of our position go to and click on AVALON
under the boat identifiers list.