Hiva Oa

Tue 26 Aug 2003 08:03
After three weeks at sea any land mass would have been a very welcome sight for the weary crew of Avalon. Our land fast was broken by the dramatically lofty and deliciously lush mountains of Hiva-Oa, one could not have asked for more. Our explorations of this sensuous place has revealed a wondrous ancient culture proudly shared by a very warm and gentle people.
The Tikis of Hiva Oa.The largest carved statues of French Polynesia have stood silently for over 2000 years.
An ink well, carved into a temple, where the art of tattoos began.   Noni fruit, the latest super health fruit, providing great income for the locals.
Hiva Oa, a suitably dramatic island to celebrate Bec and Cathy's birthdays after 22 days at sea!